Friday, March 26, 2010

In Memory

Wednesday we got the shocking news that Dr. Chris Harris tragically and unexpectedly passed away. Scott worked for Dr. Harris before he purchased his own practice. He was a mentor and a friend. We know Scott wouldn't be the dentist he is today without Chris. He leaves behind an amazing wife and 5 beautiful children. I loved photographing their family. Please keep this beautiful family in your prayers. Click on my photography blog link on the right to see more pictures.

Monday, November 2, 2009

I'm just not a blogger

I know I am a horrible blogger! But I am sick of looking at that wedding picture and I thought some new pics of my cute kiddos would be much better. Here's a few from Halloween. Annie these pics are posted because of you! :). Thanks for encouraging me to update. Charlie really is getting so big!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Nine Years!

I know, I know--sweet picture! You all wish you looked so good on your wedding day (LOL)! We both can't believe how young we looked--I guess nine years really is a long time! And Scott with his Marine Corps regulation haircut. Nice. Our anniversary was March 14. I must say, it has been one crazy ride! Who knew that summer we met as EFY counselors would lead us here!! Only a little has happend-me graduating from Utah State, Scott sent to California with the Marine Corps, and later the war in Iraq where he was shot, Scott coming back graduating from Weber State, backpacking through Europe, moving to Ohio, having Hannah and Charlie, and arriving to where we are today in Arizona. I never would have imagined all we've been through! I really was lucky to have Scott to go through it with and I wouldn't change a thing! He really has been the best thing for me and the best friend.
So this anniversary was probably the best one we've had! Scott planned out a whole getaway to Sedona and surprised me! He seriously had an itinerary, and it was a blast! Sedona is beautiful. I couldn't believe the red rock towers--and they really were towers! It was amazing.

This is a panorama of some of the red rock--doesn't do the picture justice on a small screen.

Scott found a great bed and breakfast and hired a babysitter to watch the kiddos. We went mountain biking--too bad we are NOT in the same shape we were in nine years ago! I was so sore!

Whoa! What a Hottie!--and with that helmet...Yummmm :) (okay but he really is hot!)

Then he researched all the jeep tours and decided to take us on a trail called broken arrow on a pink jeep tour. I had heard about pink jeep tours and I was really excited to go.

I love all the people in this picture (okay not them personally, just that they are there!). It shows how tall the red rock was!

We were seriously going straight down here, it was really fun!

We finished up the night by going to eat at a restaurant called Elote. I had a chile relleno--I'm not sure if I have ever eaten anything so delicious!

The next day we went and visited some indian ruins where cliff dwelling indians once lived.

This is not the unstable ruins (I know it would have been cooler if it was, but we followed the rules and only went in the ones we were allowed in).

It was a fun trip with my best bud!

Friday, January 30, 2009

I love this boy

I had to post this picture. It was a such a sweet moment. Scott had just got home from work and Charlie was so tired, but was content just to snuggle up to Scott. I love the golden evening light coming in from the window. I know this may be a mother's love thing, but it really was just one of "those" moments. I'm happy I caught it.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

A little family vacation

This post is way after the fact, but I was looking through these pictures and realized most of my family had not seen them yet. Hannah was so cute as a little princess her first time at Disneyland. We went for Scott's birthday in November. My parents were so nice to come and watch Charlie while we took Hannah. I'm not sure if Hannah enjoyed it as much as Scott! Hannah's favorite rides were the roller coaster in toon town and Monster's Inc. in California adventure.

Cute little bug!

Hannah loved Minnie and carried a little Minnie doll the whole time we were there!

One night we took Hannah to a dinner with the princesses so she could meet them all. It was a really fun night! Hannah could hardly wait for the princesses to come to our table. She tried to run to give them a hug every time one walked by!

They were all so cute with her. They would sit and chat with her and teach her to curtsie. It was adorable!

I don't know what was wrong with Cinderella...

They have another area at Disneyland where the princesses tell stories and teach dances. Of course we had to spend a lot of time there!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

A boy and his hair

So I know it sounds like a totally wierd post for my first post in a long time. I am posting this for a few reasons. First to appease my friends and family (you know who you are). Sorry I really am a horrible blogger. Second to share with you the many struggles we have with this poor boy's hair. And third, even though it's focused on Charlies hair, babies change so fast and I thought since I'm such a terrible blogger, it would be a good way to show how much this adorable boy has changed!

Here is cute little newborn Charlie. I LOVED all his dark hair and I thought it was great that we had Hannah that had Scott's color hair and Charlie with mine....

You can see in this picture that his hair is just starting to change.

This is after his first haircut. Kind of patchy, but that's normal for babies right?

...and it gets a little thinner....

Here is little Charlie's hair at it's worst. I really was in total denial! I didn't want him to lose his hair...

...poor kid...

This is the very next day, after his buzz cut. We buzzed it all the same length (I just couldn't shave him bald!).

The next few pictures are after another buzz. Notice that he still has one black patch on the back of his head. It grows faster than the rest of his hair and is a different color and texture!!

Now you can see that his hair is finally starting to grow back. Much lighter and a different texture and though you can't see it as much, he still has a black patch that grows the same as his newborn hair on the back of his head. I have trim it separately because it still grows faster!!

A little more fuzzy hair (and his first day eating! yum!)

This is cute little Charlie today! With his whole fuzzy head of hair and a faux hawk! He still has a funny patch, but it blends much better!